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The pattern of application for the Server Administrator:
Before you start writing an admin application, you must meet the following criteria:
- Visiting the forum once a day;
- Minimum 16 years;
- A minimum of 7 hours spent on the server during the week;
- Knowledge of the rules of the server, forum and admin, and compliance with them;
- Setting a good example for players, especially the younger ones, and being non-conflict;
- Admin must be a model and lead by example, additionally being liked on the server;
- Minimum 30 hours of losses on the server
- Steam account active;
- Having a microphone;

Application pattern:
Experience (in being an admin):
Knowledge of AMXX/SMX (On a scale of 1-10):
Internship in CS:
Steam / NonSteam:
Why do you:
The time you spend on CS daily:
Link to GameTracker:
Contribution : yes/no
Minimum 10 posts in forum
If your application has been rejected, you can submit another one after 7 days from the date of rejection by the Administration. Otherwise you will be punished with a warning in the forum.
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