Creators of CS GO have been working the most in history !

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The creators of CS GO have been working the most in history, even after
hours. Could this mean a new operation?
[Image: csgoin-2-743x387.jpg]
The Counter-Strike: Global Oensive community is waiting for the 10th in-game operation.
It seems the developers could hear their players' cries.
Recently, the creators have started to spend much more time working on
game. We could obtain this information via SteamDB.
The developers have spent more time in CSGO than ever before.
Valve's developers have access to the experimental version of the CSGO that is being used for
testing new features, fixes and additions to the shooter. From October this
version, unusually elevated activity was reported, including two separate cases,
in which four Counter-Strike developers were online at the same time.
This means that there are more developers working on FPS this month than there are
a very long time in the past.
Admittedly, that might not sound like much, but since SteamDB started tracking
number of players for individual games in 2018, test production in one
at the moment, it only counted four online programmers five times.
[Image: original-2.jpg]
Since early October, all eyes are on Valve's production.
This was due to numerous rumors of a new operation coming into production. Interestingly,
developers were much quieter in their dealings before Shattered Web's release
last year.
[Image: cs.jpg]
Anyway, the fact is that Gabe Newell and the company are preparing something for their players
special. Activity in the work on Counter-Strik is rarely so
one video what i found in youtube !
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