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Is CS GO dying? What does the number of players in recent popularity on Twitch?

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[Image: tyjj-3-743x387.jpg]
CS: GO is often said to be dying. Is it really so?

CS: GO is a very interesting production compared to all other giants in the industry.
Fortnite gets bi-weekly updates, as does League of Legends or
Valorant. Call of Duty is also updated relatively frequently.
Meanwhile, Valve's production is limited to changes only to some functions and

updating the game after 5MB. Does it translate into popularity?
[Image: ygd7689f18z51.jpg]
What is condition CS GO?
CS: GO just broke the number of a million active players once again. According to statistics
Steam is really good. Of course, it is influenced by the current situation in the world,
where a lot of people are locked up at home, but still - these are really good numbers
Three months of declines, then a strong rebound and then a loss again in October. November is

now only increases with new records.
[Image: X7a0656572.jpg]
Twitch viewership looks good too. The last 30 days are 7th in the world and 5th in the world.
in Poland. Counter Strike was ahead of Fortnite and TFT, among others. Still subsides
Minecraft, League of Legends, and Among Us.

Despite the lack of a new operation, transition to Source 2, new mailboxes etc. Valve production
he is still doing well and definitely not dying, indeed
begins to bounce. This can also be seen in Google's trends and CS: GO's interest in
In recent months, it started to rise, breaking the downward trend.
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