AMXX Biohazard v2.00 Beta 3b (Zombie Mod)

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.: Description :.

Biohazard is a server side modification for Counter-Strike. The gameplay is a classic
zombie outbreak scenario. Each round random players are infected with a "contagious virus"
and must infect the others in order to multiply. Round is won by eliminating the opposing
force. The Survivors however, have a secondary objective, that is to survive.

This is not a rewrite of the original Zombie Mod by apophis but rather a remake. Due to
the lack of a "working" public version (at the time) and requested by many users, I've
decided to create my own from scratch. It was originally named it Zombie-Strike, until I
found out that it was already taken. Thus, was renamed to Biohazard.

(I decided to move back to Canada. It's going to take a while when im able to code

It has the following features:
  • Fully customizable zombie class system

  • Plugin API to expand the mod functionality

  • Varieties of custom sounds and models

  • Unlocks the HL fog system

  • Custom knockback system

  • Custom Pain Shock Free system

  • Shootable objects

  • And many more...

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