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Android is an operating system initially used in smartphones and tablets, now also in netbooks. Based on the Linux kernel and the open source license, thanks to which it is present on many devices from different manufacturers and provides a huge number of applications available for download in the Google Play store, formerly the Android Market. Although it is a young system, because its first version was published in 2007, the mobile device market is gaining a hit. It is currently estimated over one million system activations per day on various devices, which makes it the main competitor of Apple iOS on tablets.

The strength of Android is its universal availability, it is present on board the latest and most expensive devices Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and many others, as well as on cheap smartphones and tablets offered by operators for PLN 1 in the lowest subscriptions, or several hundred PLN in the store. So anyone who wants to can use it without having to spend several thousand zlotys on the device.

Hundreds of thousands of available applications, games, ringtones, wallpapers largely free make the device can be personalized exactly to your needs and expectations. Demanding users will find tablet models using the latest technologies and innovations from the world of mobile solutions, meeting the highest expectations.


Like any operating system (well, almost everyone), Android is constantly updated, thereby increasing its performance and improving graphics capabilities. Thanks to this, it can meet new challenges posed by programmers, such as games and 3D graphics. The same also applies to the devices themselves, among which smartphones are in the lead. Until recently, a processor clocked at 1GHz and 512 MB RAM was the highest achievement, and today we get quad-core processors and 1GB or even 2GB of RAM, and this is certainly not the end.

Another area where the race is ongoing is the resolution and quality of the display, so that watching video, playing games would give maximum satisfaction. Classic TFT screens are becoming a thing of the past, they are replaced by Super LCD, Amoled, Super Amoled, IPS and Retina matrices, often additionally secured with Gorilla Glass.

Android has become a catalyst for the development of mobile devices facilitating contact and use of the internet, wherever we are; has also probably proved to be a contribution to the faster development of social networking sites, offering applications that facilitate their use on smartphones and tablets.

Speaking of the development of mobile devices, in particular smartphones and tablets, or rather the operating systems on which they work, it can be divided into two stages: before and after the introduction of Android. The scale of its development and the increase in the number of users meant that in 2012 they accounted for over 60% of all owners of mobile devices with the operating system. Achieving such a result in such a short time is an admirable achievement, perhaps the general situation on the market helped a bit, so the delay of Nokia and its Symbian, not very efficient and not compatible with ever newer trends.
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