Application form and requirements for a Moderator

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Requirements for a Moderator

1. The moderator must spend at least 1 month on the forum
2. A person who has 35 posts ..
3. Having over 16+ (There are exceptions if we see that someone is overwhelmed)
4. A person known at the Forum, staying a long time there
5. The moderator cannot have any warnings
6. A moderator cannot get a person who has lost other forum functions due to. (Lies, deceit, challenge, ETC)
7. The owner of Mordownia has the final decision
8. Fashion will be received by a person supported by at least 10 People from the Forum !! !! !!

[b] Name: [/ b]
[b] Age: [/ b]
[b] How many forums are you with us and how do you know our forums? [/ B]
[b] Experience (how many times have you had a Moderator?) [/ b]
[b] Availability on the Forum: [/ b]
[b] Something about yourself, Why YOU?: [/ b]
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