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Invision Power Services.

Price  Licence Standard $175 / Business $299 / Hosting $9.99 per month.

[Image: IP.Board%20-%20Homepage.thumbnail.jpeg]  [Image: IP.Board%20-%20Blogs.thumbnail.jpeg]  [Image: IP.Board%20-%20Calendar.thumbnail.jpeg]  [Image: IP.Board%20-%20Change%20Signature.thumbnail.jpeg]  [Image: IP.Board%20-%20Downloads.thumbnail.jpeg]

IP.Board, also known as Invision Power BoardIPB or IP Board has been created in 2002, and was, at the beginning a free software. IP Board 1.3 was the latest free version of Invision Power Board, and it served as a base to create a new dedicated project called InvisionFree, that has strictly no affiliation with Invision Power company. In the mean time, IP.Board 2.0 was release in 2004, and the latest major version IP.Board 3.0 was officially announced in the middle of 2009. This 3.0 version was a good way to revamp the default theme and improve with actual technologies and trends the core system of IP.Board

IP.Board is mainly developed for MySQL and PHP 5.0, that is a solid base for implementing such kind of forum software.
Invision Power Services develops additional products that are totally compatible to IP.Board. IP.Board is actually a platform on which you can install additional products that Invision Power provides. The most known are IP.Blog - a blog system, IP.Gallery - a pictures and photos library, IP.Content - a CMS system, IP.Chat - a a web interface to discuss and IP.Downloads - a download manager.


List of Compatible Browsers.
[Image: firefox.png] Mozilla Firefox

[Image: ie.png] Internet Explorer

[Image: chrome.png] Google Chrome

[Image: opera.png] Opera

[Image: safari.png] Apple Safari

[Image: konqueror.png] Konqueror

[Image: seamonkey.png] Mozilla SeaMonkey

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Forum: MyBB
Customization has never been this easy
MyBB includes a revolutionary theme system and an advanced template editor to make customizing your forum easy. Included is syntax highlighting, multiple stylesheet support, both a simple and advanced stylesheet editor, and improved template searching.
Multiple stylesheets
With MyBB, you can create additional stylesheets that can be used either globally or on individual pages (and individual actions within those pages). This is in addition to the global stylesheet, and a set of pre-included stylesheets that contain styles specific to pages such as the User CP, Mod CP, and thread pages
[Image: stylesheets.png]
Attachable base colors
New in MyBB 1.8, attachable base colors allow you to create colors to which you can attach stylesheets (just like you can attach stylesheets to pages). You can also set a display order for all your stylesheets so that they can override styles. Together, the changes mean you can add a theme with as many custom colors as you want. Using the parent/child theme structure that already exists in 1.x you can restrict or allow certain user groups to use these colors and, as they inherit the main stylesheets, they’re very easy to manage. So, there is no longer the need to install a dozen different themes just for a different color header.

Simple and advanced theme editors
MyBB lets you easily edit every selector in a stylesheet, not just a predefined set. Rather than displaying these all on a single page, you only edit one selector at a time. This remains quick and easy to use because MyBB uses AJAX to load and save each selector. By doing this, the only content loaded is the content you need - you don’t have to reload a lengthy page of options every time you make a minor change to your stylesheets. Finding selectors is easy, too - everything is sorted in alphabetical order.
[Image: theme-editor.png]
Additionally, MyBB offers an “Advanced Mode”, which allows users who are more familiar with CSS to edit the stylesheet directly. You also can use the Advanced Mode to add new selectors, which you will then be able to edit using the simple editor.
List of Compatible Browsers.

[Image: firefox.png]Mozilla Firefox

[Image: ie.png]Internet Explorer

[Image: chrome.png]Google Chrome

[Image: opera.png]Opera

[Image: safari.png]Apple Safari

[Image: konqueror.png]Konqueror

[Image: seamonkey.png]Mozilla SeaMonkey

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Forum: MyBB
MyBB offers an advanced plugin system to make adding more features to your forum easy.
MyBB has one of the most advanced plugin systems found in bulletin boards today. It takes only minutes to install plugins that can make MyBB suit your needs even better. The active and friendly MyBB community has developed a large amount of plugins that are ready to use; amongst them are plugins to show all unanswered threads, extend the forum statistics, show the permissions one has in a forum and many more.

Hooks are everywhere
MyBB’s plugin system makes use of hooks found throughout the PHP code. These hooks allow plugins to run code where the hook is placed, which means most plugins will not require you to modify any files. Hooks are even found in the Admin Control Panel, meaning plugins can add new pages to the Admin CP or add items to existing pages, once again without editing a single file. MyBB’s plugin hooks list is quite extensive, meaning that you hardly ever have to modify a file for addition of new features to MyBB, both small and large.

Plugins can add or modify templates, too
MyBB’s plugin system allows for more than just the running of code through hooks. When you activate a plugin, they can add new templates, and even modify existing templates for all existing sets. Because plugins can modify your templates as well, no lengthy step-by-step instructions are necessary for most modifications for your forum - you’ll just upload the plugin file, hit Activate, and you’re done. Customizing your forum can’t get any easier!
Check for updates to plugins from the control panel
We’ve built directly in to the MyBB Control Panel the ability for users to check that they’re running the latest versions of the plugins they have installed. This means no longer hunting around several websites to check that you have the latest version.

[Image: plugins.png]

Developers: When submitting to MyBB Mods, plugins are provided with their own GUID (a unique identifier) for version checking. To implement version checking support in to your plugin, it's as simple as including this GUID and having your plugin listed on MyBB Mods.
Installation and un-installation routines for developers
One of the common complaints we’ve previously received with the MyBB plugin system is that when you disable a plugin, you’d generally lose all of the information it stored too. MyBB now makes it possible for users to disable a plugin and then optionally uninstall it - only then will the data from a plugin be removed.

This means that when a plugin is disabled, the plugin should just remove itself from view (remove any template customizations, disable access to itself etc) but not remove any stored information. If the plugin has an uninstall method available, this method should then take care of removing all data for the associated plugin.

Version compatibility checking

MyBB also makes it possible for plugin authors to set a list of compatible MyBB version numbers for this plugin. This means plugins that aren’t compatible with your version of MyBB can’t be installed and do damage to your forum.

Version compatibility is based on the MyBB version code (a 4 digit identifier) and it’s possible for plugins to specify a comma separated list of supported versions codes, a wildcard based (so for example 16* for MyBB 1.6 releases) list of version codes, or just support all versions of MyBB out of the box.

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Forum: Funny Video

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Forum: Horror
Documentary made for the 40th anniversary of the first film. It began with a 29-page script by Dan OBannon, and ended with a masterpiece of world cinema. The documentary tracks the creative process accompanying the creation of the iconic film today. How did it happen that he took over the collective imagination? We discover its roots in Greek and Egyptian mythology, in underground comics, parasitology, and cosmic horror films of H.P. Lovecraft, the art of Francis Bacon. We get to know the genius of the creator of the title Alien - Swiss painter H.R. Giger, the scriptwriter of Dan OBannon and of course Ridley Scott himself. The film consists of conversations with team members, cultural experts, unpublished behind-the-scenes materials. It is a record of the process of creating a film in symbiosis with the power of myths and our collective unconsciousness.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLLd_dw1nRNmweAII4EpQ...GeRz-hrNdl]

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1. One network advertisement for 24 hours.
2. pages that are on the blacklist are forbidden to advertise.
3. An advertisement of the network that appears on the chatbox or some server immediately goes to the black list.
4. It is forbidden to insert the server IP number in the subject name.

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Forum: Tibia

Alarm when is near PK: auto 200 listas "pk alarm" | foreach "shootableplayers" $pr {if [$pr.isonscreen && $pr.skull >= 3] playsound monster.wav

Hotkey Dash: auto 80 listas "Icon - Dash ON" | setcolor 255 255 255 | ifnot [$ctrl || $key.116] {if $key.97 movesw | if $key.98 moves | if $key.99 movese | if $key.100 movew | if $key.102 movee | if $key.103 movenw | if $key.104 moven | if $key.105 movene}

When 4 players are attacking you, wear SSA: auto 200 if [$self.shotcount >= 4] fastequipammy 3081

Inmmortal: auto 200 listas "EnergyRing" | if [$hppc <= 85] {equipring 3051 | wait Z} | if [$manashielded && $hppc >= 100] unequip "ring" "empty"

When bot, cant trap with boxes: auto 200 listas "Anti-Trap Script on !" | allowwalk 2774 6114 2785 2523 2790 2791 2792 2793 2794 2795 2796 2797 2798 2799 834 6372 7864 2812 2806 2789 2804 2981 831 2776 2808 2811 2802 2805 2791 2803 6371 2801 2807 833 2775 2778 2800 2783 2782 2779 2784 2798 2799 2792 2794 6115 2777 832 2780 2781 2786 2787 2788 2809 2810 2468 2470

Mana Train by percent: auto 100 listas "Mana-Traning" | if [$mppc => 95] say Exura Vita | wait 1000

Throw spell area when doesnt are monsters near: auto 200 listas "Ue Perfect" | if [$monstersaround.4 >=3 && $playersaround.7 == 0] {say "Exevo Gran Mas Frigo"}

Auto connect and say !bless: auto 100 ifnot $connected { reconnect | wait 6000 | {say "!bless"}

Auto Utito Tempo: auto 100 if [$strengthtime <= 1500] say "Utito Tempo"

Follow a player: auto 100 isnottargeting {if [$ != "PLAYERNAME"] follow "PLAYERNAME"}

Sio Friend: auto 10 sio 80 anyfriend

Auto Utani gran hur when is not attacking to you: auto 1000 setcolor 2 255 128 | listas "Gran Hur" | isnotattacking stronghaste

If SDs are ended, attack with Exori Frigo: auto 200 listas "shooter" | if [$itemcount."sudden death rune" <= 1 && $target.distance <= 3 && $target.ismonster] say Exori Frigo

Always attack target selected: auto 200 attack target

Always attack with SD: auto 200 sd target

Auto Utamo Vita: auto 10 manashield

Auto utani hur, utani gran hur, utani tempo hur: auto 200 haste------ utani hur auto 200 stronghaste------utani gran hur auto 200 charge-------utani tempo hur

Active and deactive CaveBot: if $playing {set $playing 0 | statusmessage "ElfBot NG - CaveBot Paused" | settargeting off | setfollowwaypoints off | stopattack | end} else {set $playing 1 | statusmessage "ElfBot NG - CaveBot Resumed" | settargeting on | setfollowwaypoints on}

Do Exani hur "up" and "down": auto 100 Listas stairhop | say "Exani Hur "Up | say " Exani Hur "Down

Exiva last target Exived: auto 3000 exivalast

Exiva on target selected: auto 3000 exivatarget

Eat Food: auto 20000 eatfood

Combo Ue: auto 100 listas "UE Combo enabled" | clear $useue | set $messageleader "NAME DEL LIDER" | set $leadermessage "exevo gran mas flam" | set $mpue 1200 | set $uespell "exevo gran mas flam" | foreach "newmessages" $ue if [$ue.sender == "$messageleader" && $ue.content == "$leadermessage" && $ == "Default"] set $useue 1 | if [$useue && $mp >= $mpue] {say "$uespell" | wait 900}

Use assassin star when are only 20: auto 200 if [$lhandslot.count < 20] equiplhand 7368

When is 50 percent mana , wears Softboots, but if is on 95 percent mana, wears BOH: auto 200 listas "Soft Boots" | if [$mppc <= 50] equipboots 6529 | if [$mppc >= 95] equipboots 3079

Auto SoftBoots: auto 200 equipboots 6529

Auto Utana Vid: auto 200 goinvisible

Spell Utana Vid to a friend: auto 10 uhpc 80 anyfriend

Logout when sd count left 50: auto 100 Listas "Sd Logout" | if [$itemcount."sudden death runes" <= 50] {setfollowwaypoints off | if [$battlesign == 0] logout | foreach "shootablemonsters" $kill {if [$kill != 0] {setattackmode "defensive" "stand" | attack $ | useoncreature ID $ | break}}}

Use Mana potions on 70% mana: auto 200 dontlist | listas "Mana Potion" | if [$mppc <= 70] mana self auto 200 dontlist | listas "Strong Mana" | if [$mppc <= 70] smana self auto 200 dontlist | listas "Great Mana" | if [$mppc <= 70] gmana self

Throw items under character: auto 1 dontlist | moveitemonground $posx [$posy+1] $posz $posx $posy $posz | moveitemonground $posx [$posy-1] $posz $posx $posy $posz | moveitemonground [$posx-1] $posy $posz $posx $posy $posz moveitemonground [$posx+1] $posy $posz $posx $posy $poszauto 100 | moveitemonground [$posx+1] $posy $posz $posx $posy $posz | moveitemonground [$posx+1] [$posy-1] $posz $posx $posy $posz | moveitemonground [$posx+1] [$posy+1] $posz $posx $posy $posz | moveitemonground [$posx-1] [$posy-1] $posz $posx $posy $posz | moveitemonground [$posx-1] [$posy+1] $posz $posx $posy $posz

BUG MAP: auto 10 listas "Bug Map" | if [$key.65] {usegroundxyz [$posx-7] $posy $posz | end} if [$key.68] {usegroundxyz [$posx+7] $posy $posz | end} if [$key.83] {usegroundxyz $posx [$posy+6] $posz | end} if [$key.87] {usegroundxyz $posx [$posy-6] $posz | end} if [$key.67] {usegroundxyz [$posx+6] [$posy+5] $posz | end} if [$key.90] {usegroundxyz [$posx-6] [$posy+5] $posz | end} if [$key.81] {usegroundxyz [$posx-6] [$posy-5] $posz | end} if [$key.69] {usegroundxyz [$posx+6] [$posy-5] $posz | end}

AntiPush: auto 100 listas "Anti Push: ON" | dropitems 283 284 285 | ifnot [$topitem.$posx.$posy.$posz == 3031] dropitemsxyzamount $posx $posy $posz 3031 1 | ifnot [$topitem.$posx.$posy.$posz == 3492] dropitemsxyzamount $posx $posy $posz 3492 1 | ifnot [$topitem.$posx.$posy.$posz == 3735] dropitemsxyzamount $posx $posy $posz 3735 1 | ifnot [$topitem.$posx.$posy.$posz == 3492] dropitemsxyzamount $posx $posy $posz 3492 1 | ifnot [$topitem.$posx.$posy.$posz == 3035] dropitemsxyzamount $posx $posy $posz 3035 1

Speak on Trade: auto 200 listas "Auto Trade" | sayin "Trade" AQUI PONES LO QUE QUIERES QUE DIGA | wait $rand.[2*60*1000].[3*60*1000]

Show how many players are: auto 20000 listas "Players On Screen" | say " Players Aqui [$playersaround.20] +¹ by Adrian ;B

Enchant Rainbow Shield: auto 200 listas "Rainbow Enchant" | if [$itemcount.8077== 1] { useoninventoryitem 677 8077}

Auto Utevo Res Ina "Name: auto 12000 listas "Manowar" | setcolor 255 000 000} say "utevo res ina "witch"

Recharge Softboots with command !soft: auto 1000 listas "SoftBoots" | if [$itemcount.6530== 1] { say !soft }

Open Serpent Spawns: auto 100 foreach "newmessages" $msg if [$msg.content ? "Loot of a Serpent Spawn:"]{opengrounditem 4388 | wait 1000}

Cure by X percent: auto 200 listas "MagoHeal" | if [$hppc < 50] say exura vita | if [$hppc < 75] say exura gran | if [$hppc < 90] say exura auto 200 listas "PallyHeal" | if [$hppc < 60] say exura san | if [$hppc < 65] say exura san | if [$hppc < 80] say exura gran auto 100 listas "KnightHeal: ON" | if [$hppc <= 80 && $mp >= 90] {say "exana mort" | wait 10 | end} |

Enchant Firewalker boots with ruby: auto 200 listas "fb boots" | if ?$ !=9020] unequip boots | wait 100 | useoninventoryitem 676 9020 | wait 100 | equipboots 9019

Open holes, Up stairs, and open doors: usegrounditem 6252 | usegrounditem 6253 | usegrounditem 5117 | usegrounditem 5116 | usegrounditem 1668 | usegrounditem 1680 | usegrounditem 1670 | usegrounditem 1680 | usegrounditem 1670 | usegrounditem 1669 | usegrounditem 1673 | usegrounditem 5007 | usegrounditem 4911 | usegrounditem 1632 | usegrounditem 1633 | usegrounditem 1629 | usegrounditem 1630 | usegrounditem 5108 | usegrounditem 5107 | usegrounditem 5281 | usegrounditem 1968 | usegrounditem 435 | useongrounditem 3003 386 | usegrounditem 1948 | usegrounditem 5542 | useongrounditem 3308 2130 | 3308 3696 useongrounditem | useongrounditem 3457 867 | useongrounditem 3457 593

Autoloot by ITEM ID: auto 100 collectitems "empty" "3031" "3035" "3725" "3043" "3031" "9019" "6390" "8063" "8060" "3253" "3606" "3775" "8154" "283" "284" "285" "2393" "6529" "3278" "7429" "7368" "3395" "8040" "8076" "9014" "9018" "651" "349" "9586" "3423" "8099" "8097" "3363" "3365" "3532" "3021" "3588" "3590" "3591" "3492" "8012" "130" "3735" "8017"

Deactive target when is only 1 monster, but active when are 2 monsters: auto 200 dontlist | if [$monstersaround.5 < 1] settargeting off | if [$monstersaround.5 >= 2] settargeting on

Enchanteds Spears: auto 200 listas "Enchanted Spear" | if [$itemcount.3277 >= 1 && $mppc >= 90] say "exeta con"

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Forum: Tibia

auto 100 listas 'Anti-Idle' | if [$self.dir == 0] {set $dir 0 | set $firdir 'turnn' | set $secdir 'turns'} | if [$self.dir == 1] {set $dir 1 | set $firdir 'turne' | set $secdir 'turnw'} | if [$self.dir == 2] {set $dir 2 | set $firdir 'turns' | set $secdir 'turnn'} | if [$self.dir == 3] {set $dir 3 | set $firdir 'turnw' | set $secdir 'turne'} | if [$time > $idletime] {exec $secdir | wait 1500 | exec $firdir | wait 1500 | if [$self.dir == $dir] $idletime [$time+60]}


auto 200 dontlist | foreach 'newmessages' $rs if [$rs.content ? 'the murder of'] {set $fragcount [$fragcount+1]} auto 100 if [$fragcount < 13] say 'spell name'

Auto reply PM:

auto 400 listas 'Auto Responder' | if [$curmsg.isprivate] {pm '$curmsg.sender' 'I am currently afk. This is an automatic message.'}

Heal Paralyze:

auto 200 healparalysis Exura

Auto light:

auto 200 if [$inpz == 0]{wait 300 | say 'Utevo Gran Lux' | wait 30000 | say 'Utevo Gran Lux'}


auto 100 if [$inpz == 0 && $hasted == 0] say 'Utani Hur'

Strong Haste:

auto 100 if [$inpz == 0 && $hasted == 0] say 'Utani Gran Hur'

Stack Items:

auto 100 stackitems

Reconnect & bless:

auto 200 ifnot $connected { reconnect | wait 6000 | say '!bless'}

Toggle cavebot:

setfollowwaypoints toggle

Toggle cavebot:

settargeting toggle

UH friend:

auto 200 listas 'UH Friend' | safe uhpc 75 friend

spy up:


spy down:



if [$targetingon || $waypointson] {statusmessage 'ElfBot NG - CaveBot Paused' | settargeting off | setfollowwaypoints off | stopattack} else {statusmessage 'ElfBot NG - CaveBot Resumed' | settargeting on | setfollowwaypoints on}

Mas san/Gran con:

auto 200 | dontlist | ifplayeronscreen {set $player 1 | wait $rand.300.600 | set $player 0} auto 200 | listas 'Auto UE' | istargeting {if [$monstersaround.3 >= 3 && $mppc > 70 && $player == 0] {ifnoplayeronscreen {say 'Exevo Mas San' | wait 500}} | if [$mppc > 70] {say 'Exori Gran Con' | wait 500}}

Healing Paladin:

auto 100 if [$hppc <90] say 'Exura San' | gsmana 70 self

Healing Knight:

auto 100 if [$hppc <90] say 'Exana Mort' | uhealth 70 self

Auto utito tempo:

auto 200 if [$inpz == 0]{say utito tempo | wait 11000 | say Utito Tempo | wait 200 say Utito Tempo}

Exori gran con/ico:

auto 500 if [$monstersaround.1 >= 1] if [$mppc > 10] ifnoplayeronscreen say 'Exori Gran' | if [$monstersaround.1 >= 1] if [$mppc > 10] ifplayeronscreen say 'Exori Gran Ico'

Auto SD Target:

auto 300 if [$monstersaround.4 >= 1] {useoncreature 2268 target | if $fired wait 300}

Sorcerer UE/SD:

auto 300 listas 'Auto UE and Rune' | if [$monstersaround.6 >= 4 && $mp > 1200 && $playersaround.6 == 0]{say 'exevo gran mas vis'} | isplayeronscreen useoncreature 2268 target

Druid UE/SD:

auto 300 listas 'Auto UE and Rune' | if [$monstersaround.6 >= 4 && $mp > 1200 && $playersaround.6 == 0]{say 'exevo gran mas frigo'} | isplayeronscreen useoncreature 2268 target

Auto mana:

auto 200 if [$mppc <=90] gmana self

Auto utamo vita:

auto 30000 if [$inpz == 0] say 'utamo vita'

Auto utana vid:

auto 20000 if [$inpz == 0 ] say utana vid

Sio Friend:

auto 200 dontlist | if [$friendcount >= 1 && $friend.hppc < 90] say 'Exura Sio '$'

Advanced MS/ED healer:

auto 100 listas 'ED/MS Healer | clear $pot | if [$hppc <= 30 && $mp < 160] {uh self | set $pot 1} | if [$mppc <= 60 && $pot == 0] {smana self | set $pot 1} | if [$hppc <= 30 && $mp >= 160] {say 'Exura Vita' | wait 300 | end} | if [$hppc <= 60 && $mp >= 70] {say 'Exura Gran' | wait 300 | end} | if [$hppc <= 80 && $mp >= 20] {say 'Exura' | wait 300 | end} | if $pot wait 500

GMP Friend

auto 100 gmana 'Name'

Combo UE:

auto 100 if ?$curmsg.sender == 'Name' && $curmsg.content == 'exevo gran mas frigo' && $curmsg.isdefault] {say 'exevo gran mas frigo' | wait 1900}

Paralyze Target:

auto 200 listas 'Paralyze' | paralyze target

Energy ring:

auto 50 listas Energy ring On| if [$hppc < 50] equipring 2167

Druid auto UE/Max Frigo

auto 500 listas 'Auto UE' | if [$monstersaround.1 >= 2] if [$mppc > 10] ifnoplayeronscreen say 'Exevo Gran Mas Frigo' | if [$monstersaround.1 = 1] if [$mppc > 10] say 'Exori Max Frigo'

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Forum: User Corner
Hello everyone
my name is sylwester
im interested everythink about games and others, nice to meat u all in new forum !

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Forum: Platforms
[Image: 167607.jpg]

Android is an operating system initially used in smartphones and tablets, now also in netbooks. Based on the Linux kernel and the open source license, thanks to which it is present on many devices from different manufacturers and provides a huge number of applications available for download in the Google Play store, formerly the Android Market. Although it is a young system, because its first version was published in 2007, the mobile device market is gaining a hit. It is currently estimated over one million system activations per day on various devices, which makes it the main competitor of Apple iOS on tablets.

The strength of Android is its universal availability, it is present on board the latest and most expensive devices Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and many others, as well as on cheap smartphones and tablets offered by operators for PLN 1 in the lowest subscriptions, or several hundred PLN in the store. So anyone who wants to can use it without having to spend several thousand zlotys on the device.

Hundreds of thousands of available applications, games, ringtones, wallpapers largely free make the device can be personalized exactly to your needs and expectations. Demanding users will find tablet models using the latest technologies and innovations from the world of mobile solutions, meeting the highest expectations.


Like any operating system (well, almost everyone), Android is constantly updated, thereby increasing its performance and improving graphics capabilities. Thanks to this, it can meet new challenges posed by programmers, such as games and 3D graphics. The same also applies to the devices themselves, among which smartphones are in the lead. Until recently, a processor clocked at 1GHz and 512 MB RAM was the highest achievement, and today we get quad-core processors and 1GB or even 2GB of RAM, and this is certainly not the end.

Another area where the race is ongoing is the resolution and quality of the display, so that watching video, playing games would give maximum satisfaction. Classic TFT screens are becoming a thing of the past, they are replaced by Super LCD, Amoled, Super Amoled, IPS and Retina matrices, often additionally secured with Gorilla Glass.

Android has become a catalyst for the development of mobile devices facilitating contact and use of the internet, wherever we are; has also probably proved to be a contribution to the faster development of social networking sites, offering applications that facilitate their use on smartphones and tablets.

Speaking of the development of mobile devices, in particular smartphones and tablets, or rather the operating systems on which they work, it can be divided into two stages: before and after the introduction of Android. The scale of its development and the increase in the number of users meant that in 2012 they accounted for over 60% of all owners of mobile devices with the operating system. Achieving such a result in such a short time is an admirable achievement, perhaps the general situation on the market helped a bit, so the delay of Nokia and its Symbian, not very efficient and not compatible with ever newer trends.


Recent Activities